16 May 2013

TenCate Geosynthetics completes TenCate Mirafi® RSi series

TenCate Geosynthetics Americas has developed a third patent pending geosynthetic for road and railway reinforcement, called TenCate Mirafi® RS280i. This woven product completes the RSi series of geosynthetics for base reinforcement and subgrade stabilization.
In 2010, TenCate Geosynthetics Americas introduced TenCate Mirafi® RS580i, a highly engineered, high strength geosynthetic product for base reinforcement and subgrade stabilization. This was followed in 2011 with the development of TenCate Mirafi® RS380i, a second option for less severe applications. Today, TenCate Geosynthetics introduces TenCate Mirafi® RS280i, another highly engineered geosynthetic that completes the RSi series of products which enables a designer to provide the most economical and efficient design for subgrade stabilization and base reinforcement applications. TenCate Mirafi® RS280i combines high modulus, high permittivity, high separation and a high coefficient of interaction to maximize its benefit for road and railway performance.
Economical solutions 
“We are constantly exploring ways to improve our product portfolio to provide the most economical solutions to project owners”, says Brett Odgers, PE, Market Manager Roadway Reinforcement. “With the success that TenCate Mirafi® RS580i and TenCate Mirafi® RS380i have had to accomplish this goal, we felt a final product was needed to complete the series to provide the best solution for all road and railway reinforcement and stabilization projects.”
TenCate Mirafi® RSi series products are available through the extensive distribution network of TenCate throughout North and South America. 
TenCate Geosynthetics Americas
Pendergrass, Georgia, USA, Thursday 16 May 2013
Download: 130516 Press release TenCate Geosynthetics Americas concerning introduction TenCate Mirafi RS280i.pdf