3 July 2014

Breakthrough Research: TenCate Mirafi® RS580i - Best Geosynthetic in Full-Scale Study

We are proud to announce that TenCate Mirafi® RS580i outperformed all geosynthetics tested. According to the study:
“The accumulation of rut as a function of truck passes revealed that the woven geotextile (Mirafi RS580i) performed the best...”
In fact, Mirafi® RS580i provided the best traffic benefit ratio (TBR) and the best base course reduction factor when compared to all tested geosynthetics. According to the report, “the greatest traffic benefit was realized in Test Section 13 (TenCate Mirafi RS580i)”.

“We are extremely excited about the results of the study” stated Todd Anderson, VP Sales & Marketing. “Studies such as this reinforce the real value of our significant investment in both product innovation and comprehensive technical expertise - two key components of our ongoing strategy to develop and market the best geosynthetics in the world.  We are very proud of the excellent work our team of engineers accomplished throughout the process. They deserve all the credit for making this such a great success.”