Industry Papers

Saturated Soil Solution: Geosynthetics help remove water from Missouri bridge pavement

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By: Jim Golomski and John Herrmann - TenCate Geosynthetics
Source: Stormwater Solutions Magazine

On the Need for a Better Test Method Than Dry or Wet Sieving to Obtain the Characteristic Opening Size for Geotextile Filter Design Purposes 

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By: Robert M. Koerner, Ph.D., P.E., NAE Director Emeritus – Geosynthetic Institute
George R. Koerner, Ph.D., P.E., CQA Director – Geosynthetic Institute

Wicking Geosynthetic Used for Frost Heave Prevention Pioneer Mountain Scenic Byway

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By: Mark Sikkema
65th Highway Geology Symposium, July 2014 
Going to Extremes: Expertise and slope stabilization systems handle some of the toughest sites imaginable

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By: Paul Frankenberger
Source: Erosion Control Magazine, June 2013
Paving Fabric Goes Green
By Lisa Cleaver
Source: Asphalt Contractor 2011  

After the Landslide
High-strength geosynthetics save a prestigious golf club’s oceanside 18th hole

By Rich Sack, P.E.
Source: Storm Water Solutions   August 2009   Volume: 6 Number: 5

Five-year CalTrans freeway project is nearing completion in San Diego
2006 International Achievement Award for Geosynthetic Projects

By Rich Sack, P.E.

Measuring geosynthetic creep: three methods
A quick review of the pluses and minuses of conventional creep, time-temperature superposition and a new approach—the stepped isothermal method.

By Dean Sandri, J. Scott Thornton and Rich Sack, P.E.

ND LTAP: Region Local Roads Conference 2009

By Rich Sack, P.E.

Conference: GeoFlorida 2010, Advances in Analysis, Modeling & Design, Feb., 20-24, 2010, West Palm Beach, FL

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By: John Lostumbo, P.E.

Conference: NDE/NDT for Highways and Bridges, Structural Material Technology, August 16-20, 2010, New York, NY

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By: John Lostumbo, P.E. and Olivier Artieres, Ph.D

Conference: Geo2010, 63rd Canadian Geotechnical Conference, September 12-16, 2010, Calgary, AB, Canada

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By: John Lostumbo, P.E.

Golfing atop a landslide

A signature hole is born at Trump National Golf Course

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By Rich Sack, P.E.

Source: GFR Magazine, Volume 23, Number 6

TenCate Geosynthetics wins 2007 award of excellence
A 242-ft-high reinforced slope was built to extend Runway 5 at Yeager Airport in Charleston, W. Va.

By John Lostumbo, P.E.
Source: Geosynthetics February 2008 

TenCate Geosynthetics wins 2009 award of excellence
A pile-supported GRS embankment was selected as the best alternative for the construction of a gravel road upgraded to transportation ministry standards. Ten layers of geotextile were installed between layers of granular fill.

By Andy Lister
Source: Geosynthetics February 2009 

TenCate wins 2008 award of excellence
Canadian soil-reinforcement project recognized for its geotextile design and innovation

By Andy Lister
Source: Stormwater Solutions December 11 2008 

Citrus County Landfill Expansion

The landfill in Lecanto, Florida needed to create more airspace by constructing an expansion to the North end of the landfill.

By John Lostumbo, P.E.
Source: Land and Water Magazine June 2011