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World of Coal Ash News:  Geosynthetic Reinforcement in Surface Impoundment Closures Paper Presented. Learn about  a recently completed closure utilizing an innovative, high strength woven geotextile deployed over an ash surface impoundment.  This design build project was a collaborative effort; including input from the contractor, owner and geosynthetic manufacturer.  The project was successfully completed in 2 months following the initial onsite meeting.   Read the full story here

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TenCate Geosynthetic Solutions for Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR)

Recently published guidelines by the EPA will most likely result in the closure of many ash surface impoundments located at coal fired power plants. Stabilizing soft, saturated ash ponds often require the need for high strength, highly engineered woven geosynthetics. TenCate has been in the business of sludge pond closures for over 30 years. Contact us today for information that will allow you to safely, quickly and economically close your surface impoundments.

High Performance Geosynthetics for CCR Applications
TenCate, the world’s leading provider of geosynthetics and industrial fabrics, offers new, quick and safe ways to treat waste materials produced by industrial facilities. High-performance geosynthetics are used to stabilize soft/wet ash ponds, allowing the placement of the top cover system and compacted fill. 
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Dewatering Technology for Ash Pond Waste
Industrial byproducts, such as fly ash and bottom ash, can be a real challenge for both small and large facilities to remove and manage. With Geotube® dewatering technology, facilities can easily consolidate waste materials by using TenCate’s specially engineered fabrics that retain the solids while releasing the clear water through the fabric pores.
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