Oil and Gas

High Performance Geosynthetics for Oil and Gas Well Pads and Access Roads

TenCate, the global leader in geosynthetics offers a wide range of products with applications that not only save money, but also improve performance. The recently launched Mirafi® RSi-Series is used for varying purposes including well pads, access roads and other engineered structures. TenCate geosynthetics will reduce the need for aggregate, shorten the wait to begin the project and reduce future maintenance costs. TenCate geosynthetics extend the life of your well pad and access road. We are environmentally friendly, energy efficient and our materials make a significant difference.

Oil & Gas Case Studies

Please contact the following for additional information:

John Herrmann - Market Development Manager - Oil & Gas 

j.herrmann@tencate.com  (636) 248-2423


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Mirafi® RSi