Corporate Profile

Multinational and multi-faceted

What TenCate does may sound rather narrow: We combine textile technology with related chemical processes to develop and produce specialty materials with specific properties. But our impact is wide. From protective materials for fire-fighting clothing to UV-resistant fabric for tentcloth and awnings to strong-yet-lightweight composite materials for aircraft components. And that barely scratches the surface.
Our activities can be divided into four general areas of application:
  • safety and protection
  • aerospace
  • sport and recreation
  • infrastructure and environment

TenCate has divided these segments into eight divisions, each with its own products, applications and markets. You can find our divisions by clicking “Divisions” at the top of the page.

TenCate Grass Group 
As the world market leader in synthetic turf fibers and components, the TenCate Grass Group is perfectly positioned to supply the ideal solution for any sports surface. We have developed products specifically for many individual sports including football, field hockey, tennis, golf and soccer.

Research and development plays a vital role in our success. Our engineers and scientists recognize that their contributions reach far beyond the laboratory and production areas. They monitor the performance of individual fields for many years after installation, using the observations to develop even better quality and performance. 

Research Image