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Materials that make a difference

TenCate is the world leader in developing and manufacturing synthetic grass fiber, primary backing, and infill material solutions for use on sports fields and landscape applications.  You'll find our products used at all levels of sport.  From the NFL to the NCAA, the Major Leagues to Little League, TenCate materials are widely accepted as delivering the optimal playing conditions for sports turf.

Systems Approach
A synthetic sport field exists not only as the visible top layer, the grass fibers and the infill material, but also as the several structural layers underneath. These  separate materials combine to form the synthetic turf system and provide the playing characteristics necessary to meet the performance standards of a given sport. In actual terms, each field must play perfectly, ball behavor must be ideal, and surface conditions must be consistent. Only a properly designed turf system made up of quality components can deliver this level of performance.

Integrated system design
Over the past decades TenCate Grass has acquired a great deal of knowledge about synthetic grass fibers and the related system components such as infill material, primary backings and subbases. This knowledge has provided TenCate Grass with a solid basis for developing and promoting an integrated systems approach. The benefit? The field owner and the sportsmen receive the guarantee that a properly maintained field featuring Thiolon branded components will perform well not just for the first year after installation, but for the entire period of its usable life.

The development of integrated system designs occurs in cooperation with our global partners. 

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