Product Safety

Playing it safe

TenCate is committed to the safety of athletes, players and any others using our synthetic turf products. Modern synthetic grass surfaces enhance the performance and safety of players and athletes compared to natural grass surfaces. The even surface, enhanced shock absorption and consistent playing characteristics reduce the likelihood of injuries.

Of course, we also take maximum care to ensure that out products have no harmful effects on public health and the environment.

To these ends, we test all of our products, especially in connection with the environment and personal safety. We have no indications that there are any risks related to the use of our products in synthetic grass sport fields. We are aware of no third party tests that indicate otherwise.

TenCate continues to test all products to ensure safety at all times and welcomes any and all (external) tests regarding personal safety and/or environmental impact. Our constant drive for safety and protection is a leading factor in the development of new products.

Some things we can't control. 
Please be aware that, while we take every safety precaution, there are some things we just cannot control. For instance, contractors may use components from third parties in sports fields that have not been tested by TenCate. This, of course, limits our control of the final product. Therefore we promote to and with our business partners the use of safe sport systems that are completely tested. Also, contamination in sport fields may arise from external factors like pollution from heavy traffic or industry near the fields. Such contamination is not related to the sport fields themselves. Proper maintenance of sports fields, including regular cleaning and grooming, is important in this respect.

For obvious reasons, information regarding the origin of components used in synthetic sport fields must be available to its users. TenCate assures that its products are made with the safety of people and the environment in mind.

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