The TenCate Difference

Materials, systems, design and expertise

You don’t just want turf, you want to make a difference. That’s where we come in:  TenCate is the world leader in developing and manufacturing synthetic grass fiber, primary backing, and infill material for sports fields and landscaping. You’ll find our products at all levels of sport. From the NFL to NCAA, the Major Leagues to Little League, TenCate materials are widely accepted as delivering optimal playing conditions.

Getting the system right.
A synthetic sport field is more than just the visible top layer of grass fibers and infill. There are several structural layers underneath, and each must complement the others to form an effective system that meets the performance needs of a given sport. The field must play perfectly, the ball must behave properly, and the field must be consistent. For that to happen, everything must be right. Everything.

Integrating the design.
Getting everything right requires experience and expertise. TenCate gives you both. Over the decades, TenCate Grass has acquired a great deal of knowledge about synthetic grass fibers and the related system components such as infill material, primary backings and sub-bases. This provides us with a solid basis for developing and promoting an integrated systems approach. In addition, we develop our designs in cooperation with leading global partners. The results are fields featuring TenCate branded components that perform well and hold up well year after year. Much to the delight of field owners and athletes alike.

TenCate Monoslide Pro®