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Nothing affects the long-term performance and durability of your field more than the turf blades. And nobody makes more different blades with more performance and durability aspects than the world leader, TenCate. We make every type of blade you can imagine for virtually any need. And many of our processes are proprietary, so other manufacturers can’t match them.  

Of course, all those options can make choosing the correct blade – or blend of blades – challenging. Unless you use our Product Selector to the right. A couple clicks and you’ll quickly find the turf that’s right for your installation. From there you can link to specs you can drop directly into your proposal. If you need more information, you can just give us a call or even arrange for a presentation. Our phone number is +1 423 847 8422.


“If you’re looking at turf, you have to look at TenCate, they make so many things possible. Whether the priority is durability, budget, great looks, playability, or even a combination, there’s a TenCate blade for it. A good one. And a lot of their technology, other manufacturers just don’t have. I can’t imagine planning a turf without seeing what TenCate blades can do for it”.

John Amato, Professional Engineer, JJA Sports

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