Component Testing

Better turf through better research.

New components can be tested in-house at TenCate. Turf blades are tested not only for composition, durability and specifications, but for long-term weathering performance. Further performance testing takes place through field construction and performance testing of the system.

Meet the Weather-O-Meter.
It's quite the machine. The Weather-O-Meter (WOM) lets TenCate test and analyze whether used polymers are sufficiently stabilized. It simulates accelerated outdoor exposure right in our lab and, fitted with a Xenon light source, provides extraordinarily realistic data. WOM exposes turf blades to artificial sunlight and rain in cycles. Tensile strength is measured every 1000 cycles and any reduction in tensile strength is recorded.

At TenCate, we don't just talk about the weather. We do something about it.

Which turf for you?
All this has helped TenCate to produce turf fibers that are the envy of our industry. But which one is right for your application? You can find out quickly and easily using our Product Selector.
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