Field Monitoring System

Keep a close eye on your turf.

TenCate is proud to present the Field Monitoring System, an intelligent camera system that monitors the maintenance and use of your synthetic turf. With the significant capital investment a turf system represents and its exposure to wear and tear, intelligent monitoring is just smart business.

The system was developed in cooperation with the Hillson Group, specialists in smart cameras for surveillance and security.

Track usage to protect your warranty.
The system's cameras track every movement on the field and converts the data into a reliable activity report. This data can be used to satisfy use-based warranty requirements. Including the TenCate Performance Warranty™, in accordance with FIFA 1-Star or FIFA 2-Star standards. As well as meeting requirements for third party performance warranties.

Usage data can also prove very helpful in planning future playing surfaces.

Keep maintenance on schedule.
The Field Monitoring System records all maintenance work, registering what equipment was used and when. Then, converts that data into an accurate maintenance log. So maintenance is performed correctly and on schedule.

Secure your field.
The Field Monitoring System can be remotely controlled and even monitors its own functioning. If desired, it can be expanded to also provide a CCTV surveillance system for security purposes.

Which turf to monitor?
Even more important than the Field Monitoring System, is choosing the correct turf surface for your installation. TenCate makes that easy with our Product Selector. It identifies the turf you need in a few quick, simple steps. Try the TenCate Product Selector here.

For more information about the TenCate Field Monitoring System, please contact Frans Harmeling, Product Manager/Research and Development at
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