Turf Construction Testing

No place for guesswork.

Testing. Do we like testing? So, while testing and analyzing separate components provides us information on their quality and specifications, it's just not enough. We'd also like to know how it performs in a complete system. 

We imagine you would, too.

To that end, we have developed our very own studded roll test. Basically, it simulates an athlete's cleats by rolling two studded cylinders at different speeds over the laterally moving turf sample for a pre-set number of cycles. This gives us a visual indication of how a synthetic turf system will age over time from use.

Keep in mind that, while other companies use Lisport tests, ours is much more severe than the industry standard. Ours breaks down the product much faster providing objective results in far few cycles. So our test numbers should not be compared directly to theirs. Additionally, the TenCate test method is the only quantitative way to measure wear and enables objective comparison of wear resistance and product performance.  There is no guesswork.

External factors.
Even TenCate engineers can't control everything. The durability of a turf system depends not only on usage but also on installation, weathering, and maintenance. Still, the Lisport results are very useful in comparing different kinds of components or turf settings and provide an indication of the durability of the synthetic turf system.

From lab to the field.
So, what does all this testing mean for you? In general, it means incredibly durable turf. Specifically, it depends upon the details of your planned installation. Every turf we make is different. To easily find the one that's right for you, try our Product Selector.

Lisport Test