Technology & Innovation

Still leading after all these years.

TenCate has been at the forefront of synthetic turf technology since the industry's earliest days. Over the years, TenCate Grass has introduced several high performance turf blades designed for a variety of sporting applications. One of the reasons for this success is the emphasis we place on research and development.

A front-to-back, top-to-bottom process.
TenCate Grass increasingly supplies the knowhow required to design and install the entire synthetic grass system. Our brand's leadership position owes primarily to our long-term commitment to the innovative application of new materials and components.

Real world, not ivory towers.
In order to develop perfect artificial turf and anticipate how it will be experienced, our product development relies on input from users. Our product development fields are based on the requirements expressed by the athletes and players who perform on them. We have developed special testing methods to turn their experiences into measurable values, which our researchers can, then, put to use.

And we don't just focus on fiber. We research the whole system down to the sand and rubber infill and the backing of the turf. It's the only way to stay out front of the pack. And keep people like you happy.
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