TenCate Mastergreen™

Taking synthetics to the fore.

Perhaps no game clings to tradition like golf, a game with roots in 15th Century Scotland if not earlier. But just as wood club shafts gave way to steel and carbon, so has acceptance of synthetic turf grown.

Earliest adoption was for driving ranges and teeing grounds. Gradually, with technological improvements like TenCate Mastergreen™ turf blades, synthetic turf has begun to show up on the courses themselves as well as in back yard practice areas. Especially in regions inhospitable to natural grass.

. A master stroke.
Developed especially to mimic the play of a natural bent grass green, TenCate Mastergreen™ provides the most authentic synthetic golf surface available on the market today.  The thin, wide fiber allows for near perfect ball roll across the exposed edge and for a soft texture that holds a shot from any distance.  In fact, Mastergreen™ has such a natural response that you can set the speed of the putting surface to match your exact specification.  Or even the specs of individual golfers. No other synthetic grass fiber offers this level of flexibility and precision.

More golf, fewer expenses.
What’s more, Mastergreen™ allows play year-round and has greater durability than natural grass. So the course can host more rounds. And synthetic turf requires less maintenance. There is no watering, no fertilizing, no mowing. Is it any wonder it’s the choice of golf pros?
So, if you're designing a course, it may be time to start considering synthetics.

Is Mastergreen
 right for you?
With all the turf blades available, how do you determine which one is best for your project? That’s easy. Quick, too. Just use the TenCate Product Selector