TenCate Monoslide™ Pro with XQ™ technology

Stays In Shape No Matter What Shape It's In

Engineers are designing exciting new monofilament turf blade shapes to enhance both playability and aesthetic appeal. But these innovative new shapes have had one significant drawback: greater susceptibility to wear and tear. Until now.

The field to play on. And on. And on. And...
Monoslide™ Pro wiht XQ™ technology offers designers unprecedented freedom. It is made in a way that lets you twist, turf, fold, bend, curve, or zig-zag it without sacrificing durability. If you can dream it up, this turf can take it.

And it's not only durable, but resilient too. The vertical spine allows the blades to return to a standing position after trampling. The XQ™ technology helps it retain its shape when subjected to excessive play. It's also excellent at resisting matting.

 So, now, you can create long-lasting fields of exceptional playability. Footing is sure. Ball roll, consistent. It's even sliding friendly. Players love it. Good thing, because they'll be playing on it a long, long time.

XQ Technology. The key to durable monofilaments.
XQ™ technology is a breakthrough in polymer processing that gets rid of weak points for unprecedented split resistance. So there's no need to ever resort to thicker blades. That means you can design a lusher, more natural looking field.
And, only TenCate has this technology. So only TenCate can produce turf blades this durable. Maybe that's why we're the only ones to offer a FIFA five-year warranty - available through additional purchase.

Is Monoslide™ Pro with XQ™ technology right for you?
With all the turf blades available, how do you determine which one is best for your project? That's easy. Quick too. Just use the TenCate Product Selector.

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