TenCate Oasis™

Lawns, playgrounds and airports. Oh my!

When most people think of synthetic turf, sports fields come to mind. That’s because sports were the first adopters and remain the most visible. But the realm of synthetic turf has greatly expanded since its early days so that, now, you’ll find it in commercial and residential applications around the globe.

Of course, the turfs used for sporting applications aren’t necessarily suitable to landscaping. So technology has ridden to the rescue.

TenCate Oasis
: altering the landscape.
TenCate has developed a product range specifically for landscaping applications. These products are mainly for residential lawns and for urban and commercial design.  Its natural appearance, numerous varieties and multi-functionality make it a clear alternative to natural grass.  Especially in places where natural grass won't grow.

As with natural grass, the appearance of synthetic turf is the most important quality. And TenCate Oasis
™ has been developed with that in mind. Right down to the use of duo-tone blades for a more natural look.

Save money. And the world.
Of course, once installed, synthetic turf lawns require a minimum of attention to remain in optimum condition.  There’s no mowing, no watering and no fertilizing. In drought-stricken areas, water conservation alone makes Oasis ™ worth considering. The balanced color combination makes Oasis™ turf blades the perfect solution for lawns and parks.

The combination of comfort, looks and low maintenance makes Oasis™ perfect for roadway medians, rooftop gardens and playground areas. Maybe you should take a closer look at it for your installation.

Is TenCate
 Oasis right for you?
With all the turf blades available, how do you determine which one is best for your project? That's easy. Quick, too. Just use the TenCate Product Selector.

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