TenCate XP Blade™+

Same look and feel, twice the durability. Isn't science wonderful?

We just made the best high-use, multi-use turf even better: XP Blade+ lasts twice as long as our original XP Blade! Not only that, we did it without physically changing the blades. How? Science.

You'd expect a warranty. But you'd never expect this one.
No one else even comes close to our new XP Blade 5-Year Durability Warranty available through an additional purchase. The industry's very first to guarantee for five years of unlimited play against excessive fiber splitting which leads to matting, dusting and fiber loss and an early end to a fields's life. What's more, it's based on the original value of the field. When we make claims, we back them up.

Inherent heat reflection. Incredible performance.
It's no secret that synthetic turf temperatures rise considerably on warm sunny days due to heat absorption.  Not good for the turf. And definitely not good for the players. That's why TenCate is now adding HR
™ heat reflective technology to XP Blade+™ at no additional cost! What's more, it's inherent in the turf: we add it as part of the manufacturing process so it won't wear off over time.

Is XP Blade+™ right for you?
With all the turf blades available, how do you determine which one is best for your project? That's easy. Quick, too. Just use the TenCate Product Selector


XP Blade+
XP Blade