TenCate Ecocept Performance Base

Athletic Performance | Water Management | Materials Re-use

TenCate Ecocept Performance Sports Base is an innovative new type of porous pavement specifically developed for synthetic turf athletic playing surfaces. It integrates seamlessly with synthetic turf products enhancing biomechanical properties. Ecocept also offers bearing capacity to reduce or eliminate the need for a conventional thick layer of crushed stone. The Ecocept performance base has capillary action, which means that it has superior lateral drainage capability so that costly trench drainage below the field is not needed. 

Ecocept System

Athletic Performance - stable base structure with the characteristics of a shock pad. 

  • Force Reduction 
  • Energy Restitution
  • Deformation 

Water Management 

  • Combined Drainage & Irrigation Functionality
  • High Permeability 
  • Vertical or Horizontal Water Management 

Materials Re-Use 

Ecocept is made of recycled plastics, recycled rubber and a binder material 

MS Ultra