Primary Backings

The backbone of your turf system

When designing your field, don’t let the turf backing slip to the back of your mind. After all, backing provides the strength and dimensional stability of the turf system. Choosing the right one is all about balancing specific needs. An American football field, for instance, has far different requirements than one for field hockey; so they should have different backings.

Start to finish, we've got your back
Backing is critical to your turf both before and after its installation. The backing plays a major role in how easily the carpet is tufted during assembly. High quality backing materials also provide many distinct qualitative advantages. All TenCate backings are easy to use, prevent creasing or tension differences and guarantee optimum control. TenCate backing solutions also offer three-dimensional stability and the absence of distortion – critical features during installation.

Keeps lines in line
Field creep and moving lines compromise the integrity of a playing field. That’s why TenCate produces backings that are stable and free of tension. What’s more, they have constant shrinking and outfit properties, which further prevent moving lines and damaged seams. That’s why, for optimum stitching, minimum distortion and simple installation, we recommend using TenCate turf blades in combination with TenCate backings.

Knitted Backing