TenCate Performance Warranty

Two stars for five years

FIFA 2 Star is the level of performance that the football federation FIFA has defined for premier league football. In recent years many fields have been installed which initially met this standard. But after installation the playing characteristics of some of the fields turned out to have changed and to fall below the FIFA 2 Star level.

Yet TenCate is guaranteeing that won’t happen to your field for at least five years. Just install our new turf blades with TenCate XQ™ technology using approved fiber cross-sections, carpet construction and turf installation. The monofilament fibers based on XQ™ technology have exceptional split resistance compared to conventional monofilament blades, providing durability that keeps it sliding friendly superbly playable, natural looking and, yes, FIFA 2-Star compliant for a long, long time.

The TenCate Performance Warranty™
In close cooperation with insurance company ALLIANZ – and under certain quality conditions – TenCate will offer a 5-year FIFA 2-Star performance warranty, called TenCate Performance Warranty ™. The first pilot project has recently been completed at soccer club FC Breukelen (NL). This synthetic turf field was installed in close cooperation with the Dutch companies Edel Grass and Oranjewoud Realisatie.

The TenCate Performance Warranty features

  • Long-term FIFA 2 STAR performance
  • Exceptional split resistance
  • Resilience
  • Sliding friendly
  • Natural look
  • Great to play on
This new warranty concept meets an important market need. After all, it gives soccer clubs the assurance that a new field will continue to meet important performance requirements during its expected lifespan.
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