Turf Blades

Blades: the cutting edge

When you spec a field, remember, high-quality turf blades are essential. Turf blades provide the look and feel of a synthetic field and are responsible for important performance characteristics like ball roll and durability. You’ll find TenCate offers a balanced portfolio of advanced turf blades specially developed for various sports and landscape applications. 

Monofilament: multiple benefits 
TenCate Monoslide™ branded blades are monofilament products.  Monofilaments are produced, or extruded, through a spinneret   The die hole of the spinneret determines the cross section of the blade which allows for great variation in the shape of the blades we produce.  The design of the turf blade plays an important role in the performance characteristics of the synthetic turf pitch. 
Monofilament shapes can now be upgraded with XQ™ technology, a proprietary breakthrough in polymer processing developed by TenCate.

   The monofilament extrusion process                                                       Finished monofilament turf blades

XP Blade+
TenCate XP Blade+ is produced using a proprietary extrusion process which leads to the industry's only non-split fibrillated tape.  XP Blade+ is produced, or extruded, by foil extrusion.  The foil is conditioned through the proprietary XP process and slit into tape width.  The individual tapes are then fibrillated with a specific long slit pattern which provides a natural look and feel by imitating natural grass turf blades after installation.  

XP Production 2                                                                                                                 
    The XP extrusion process                                                                                                                                   Finished XP Blade+

Traditional Tape 
Traditional TenCate fibrillated tape products are branded as TenCate Tapeslide™.  Although being utilized by all turf blade manufacturers the traditional extrusion process produces turf blades that split when exposed to wear and tear.  Splitting is the true enemy of all turf blades because it leads to matting, dusting and fiber loss and thus an early end to a field's life.   

Texturized Yarns: beauty in bulk 
TenCate has recently developed texturized yarns for use in landscaping applications under the TenCate Oasis™ brand.  High pressure heated air creates yarns with the greater bulk required for use in thatch and low pile applications.

                 The texturizing process                                                                      Finished texturized turf blades

The right product for you
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