Social Responsibilities

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) provides TenCate with a vehicle for integrating sustainability into its operational processes. Managing the value chain involves numerous sustainability aspects to a greater or lesser degree. As client, manufacturer, supplier and partner within various value chains, TenCate is constantly working at creating sustainable innovations in many different areas. CSR involves striving towards a balance between People (social and ethical aspects), Planet (ecological and environmental aspects) and Profit (economic and operational aspects). TenCate aims at transparent and ethical business operations. This goal is structurally embedded in the various facets of the organization and its operations. The division TenCate Grass Europe has further defined, drafted and organized TenCate's CSR policies in accordance with the structure, content and principles of the CSR Performance Ladder.

Key aims of TenCate Grass Europe in 2012–2017

Based on sustainability expectations – as they currently exist for this division – the following key aims have been defined for the sustainability policies of TenCate Grass Europe:

  1. Focus on the customer;
  2. Sound products and processes;
  3. Sound business practice;
  4. Good employment practice;
  5. Responsible conduct of business;
  6. Social involvement.

Our sustainability policies are in constant flux. If a client, supplier, partner or other stakeholder of TenCate Grass Europe sees possibilities for greater sustainability, then we encourage them to enter dialogue with us.