American Football

Football players must excel at many physical aspects of the game to be successful. And competing on a quality playing surface is a major factor in an athlete’s overall performance. Whether running, passing, tackling or kicking, an artificial turf surface can contribute to improved play at all levels. 

Same sport, optimal conditions

The condition of the playing field is of crucial importance to the experience and outcome of the game. Whether a professional venue or high school facility, many teams no longer accept having a main stadium field in top condition for a limited time each season. An artificial turf field, however, provides players with optimal playing conditions year round, no matter the climate.

Extraordinarily efficient

Synthetic turf fields can be used and played on much more extensively than natural turf. The advantages speak for themselves: fewer cancellations, training on the main stadium field, a longer outdoor season in a cold climate, reduced maintenance expense and the possibility to use the stadium for various functions – without damaging the turf.

Uniform throughout

Another favorable effect of artificial turf is that it provides a football field with uniform play characteristics. Regardless of location or climate, the introduction of artificial turf creates equal conditions throughout the individual field, the league, and nationwide.


TenCate Grass has a wide variety of turf blades and backings available for American football applications. This range of products with different characteristics provides a suitable solution for every need.

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