Synthetic turf for field hockey is tuned to the fundamental playing characteristics of hockey. There are three synthetic turf constructions that are suitable for field hockey, each with their own specific performance.

Water-based pitches
The surface of choice for modern, top level field hockey is known as water-based. The pile is unfilled and requires irrigation. They are favoured by most players since they offer excellent bounce properties, as a result of which all stroke techniques can be better executed. Thereby a water-based pitch is very sliding friendly for foot-sliding. All in all this system offers more rapid, more attractive field hockey.

Sand-dressed pitches
The pile of the carpet is filled to within 5-8 mm from the tips of the fiber with fine sand particles. The sand is not visible. A sand-dressed pitch, when sprinkled, has characteristics that correspond to those of a water-based pitch. Of course the pitch can also be played on without sprinkling. The the pitch has the technical properties of the sand-filled system.

Sand-filled pitches
The pile of the carpet is filled almost to the top with sand. A sand-filled pitch is an even and stable playing surface for field hockey.  

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