The recent advances in synthetic grass technology and design have given rise to a host of new residential and commercial landscape turf applications. Residential lawns, roadway medians, rooftop gardens, playground areas, and pet care facilities can now all enjoy the same comfort, natural looks, and low maintenance as the average synthetic sports turf surface. And, because many of these consumers reside in drought stricken areas, the synthetic landscape turf also serves to conserve valuable water - and money!

More natural look
As with any natural turf grass, the appearance of a synthetic grass is most important quality to a residential homeowner. To achieve this more natural look in synthetic grass, TenCate has developed several turf variations with more natural cross-sections and color combinations. In addition, we offer hybrid fiber designs that combine the natural look of monofilament with the coverage of a fibrillated turf blade.

Lower maintenance, higher value
The cost to maintain any natural grass surface - irrigation, fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, and fuel for lawn equipment - can easily exceed several hundred dollars a month. With all these expensive obligations, its no wonder many homeowners and business owners select synthetic landscape turf for its zero water use and minimal monthly maintenance. Plus, in many cases, the addition of synthetic turf to one's front lawn or backyard enhances the home's property value and aesthetic appeal.


· Natural look

· A green surface all year round

· Comfortable with excellent durability

· Now mowing and no seeding

· No chemical treatments

· No pesticides, herbicides or fungicides

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