One of the most important features of synthetic turf is the possibility to intensively use a pitch without compromising on playability all year round. This feature, amongst others, makes synthetic turf very suitable for use in multisport applications. Multisport pitches like small community and 5-a-side fields are probably the most intensively used pitches. Moreover, these fields endure a high number of players per square meter and the use of flat soles. Combined, these three characteristics ask for an extreme durable synthetic turf solution to ensure limitless playing over an extended number of years.

For this reason TenCate has developed the TenCate XP Blade™. This unique fibrillated tape is an extreme leap forward in synthetic turf durability and outlasts every other tape. While some (long slit) tape yarns may look similar, in reality there is no comparison.
Manufactured through a proprietary process TenCate XP Blade™ does not split, making it the right choice for the highest use fields. In addition TenCate XP Blade™ twists due to play forming an attractive and well playable turf surface. This, coupled with excellent tuft-lock properties, makes TenCate XP Blade™ extremely suitable for intensively used fields, such as 5-a-side fields.

In order to provide sufficient strength and stability for extreme intensively used synthetic turf pitches the choice for the right backing is essential. TenCate Thiobac Pro C18 backing provides the needed strength and dimensional stability for multisport applications. The composition and strength of C18 backing minimize creep, and result in less deformation (minimize line distortion) and seam damage. Combined with the TenCate XP Blade™ fibrillated tape product excellent tuft lock can be achived.


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