Playing soccer on synthetic grass has many advantages like, weather independent, save performance, low maintenance and the possibility to be used intensively.
The performance of the pitch depends on the components used, tuft settings, installation and maintenance. The current generation of synthetic turf pitches is matching the quality of natural turf. Innovations in the field of fibers and systems rightly ensure that synthetic turf is growing in the sport of soccer as well. The choice for the right components is essential; it is all about balancing the needs.

TenCate turf blades
TenCate Grass has a wide variety of turf blades and backings available for soccer applications. This range of products with different characteristics provides a suitable solution for every need.

TenCate backings
The dimensional stability and tuft bind of a football pitch is essential for a durable installation. The TenCate backings K06 and D12 provide the needed stability, strength and tuftbind in combination with monofilament turf blades. For fibrillated tape products TenCate Thiobac Pro® C18 and K18 backing are also suitable solutions. Again, it is all about choosing the right components for the application and balancing the needs.

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