Every tennis player has a preference for the surface on which they play. The choices have been quite varied over the years, with gravel, grass and hard-court as common varieties. The newest developments in our industry make synthetic turf the most ideal alternative.

Tennis court made to measure

Beginners like to play on a ‘slow' court, whereas advanced tennis players prefer to play on a ‘fast’ surface. A synthetic turf court can be the answer to both wishes. Namely, the loose components from which every synthetic turf court is constructed always ensure a tailor-made tennis court.

The best qualities


The correct synthetic tennis court unites all advantages of various traditional surfaces, the usual disadvantages. For example, synthetic turf can be played on under almost all types of weather conditions and demands relatively little maintenance. In addition to this, experience reveals that there are less injuries when playing tennis on a synthetic turf surface.

Two common systems

In general, two synthetic turf systems are used for tennis: sand-filled and semi sand-filled. As the name impliess, there is a difference in the quantity of sand infill used. Every system has specific characteristics that have an effect on the game and the perception of the player.

TenCate turf blades

TenCate Grass has a variety of turf blades available for tennis applications. This range of products with different characteristics provides a suitable solution for every need.

TenCate backings

For fibrillated tape products TenCate Thiobac Pro® C18 and K18 backings are a perfect match.

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