TenCate Oasis™

TenCate has developed a product range specially for landscaping applications. These products are mainly for residential lawns, and for urban and commercial design. Its natural appearance, numerous varieties and multi-functionality make it a clear alternative to natural grass. Besides, it can be used where natural grass won’t grow!

Once installed, synthetic turf lawns require just a minimum of attention to remain in optimum condition. As with natural grass, the appearance of synthetic turf is the most important quality to a homeowner. It is to achieve this more natural look in synthetic turf that TenCate Oasis™ turf blades have been developed.

The balanced colour combination makes TenCate Oasis™ turf blades the perfect solution for gardens and parks. It is also perfect for roadway medians, rooftop gardens and playground areas. Comfort, a natural look and low maintenance are clear advantages, especially in drought-stricken areas, in order to save valuable water - and money!

TenCate Grass EMEA - TenCate Oasis™