TenCate Monoslide™ XQ™

New turf blades with TenCate XQ™ Technology now make it possible to produce pitches that will satisfy the FIFA 2 Star requirements for a long time. The monofilament turf fibres based on TenCate XQ™ Technology have exceptional split resistance compared to conventional turf fibres. In combination with the right fibre cross-section, carpet construction and turf installation TenCate XQ™ Technology makes it possible to create premium soccer fields that can not only meet FIFA 2 STAR performance for five years but are sliding friendly, durable and simply great to play on.

Great durable playing characteristics

· Long-term performance

· Exceptional split resistance

· Resilience

· Sliding friendly

· Natural look

· Great to play on

In close cooperation with insurance company ALLIANZ and under certain quality conditions TenCate will offer a five year FIFA 2 STAR performance warranty, called TenCate Performance Warranty Concept™.

TenCate Performance Warranty Concept™

· 5 year FIFA 2 Star performance warranty

· Based on new TenCate XQ™ Technology

· Resilient shaped yarns with enhanced durability

· Third party insurance by ALLIANZ

· Turf systems tested and certified by TenCate

· Will be sold through selected partners

TenCate Grass EMEA - TenCate Monoslide™ XQ™