2 March 2013

Let’s celebrate hockey!

The Hague is from 31 May through to 15 June next year the hockey capital of the world. the KNHB will then organize the Men & Women Hockey World Cup 2014. The best hockey players of the world will then come to the Netherlands for this event.

The tournament will take place in the Kyocera Stadium of football team ADO Den Haag and the neighbouring GreenFields Stadium. For fourteen days 24 women’s and men’s teams from four continents and from 15 different countries will fight it out. The Dutch national team will play every day on prime time. During this WK in 76 matches at the top level will be played on synthetic turf systems from TenCate and GreenFields.

GreenFields synthetic turf pitches
The Hockey Park in the Hague houses two stadiums. Next to the Kyocera Stadium, which can seat 15,000 spectators, the GreenFields Stadium will be built with a capacity of 5,000 seats.

The decision for the World Championships will in the months ahead in consultation with the parties involved will be decided. In cooperation between the KNHB, TenCate and GreenFields research was carried during the past few months into the synthetic turf system that meets the wishes and expectations of everyone. A test pitch from subsidiary GreenFields has recently been installed at HC Klein Switzerland. The installation and playability are being closely followed. After the ideal composition of the World Cup pitch has been decided, these synthetic turf systems will be installed at several locations.

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