2 March 2017

Danny Van Bakel conducts Football Clinic for Students in Vietnam in capacity as GreenFields Ambassador

With the assistance of Mr Damian Misiaszek (teacher from the school), the training session conducted by Danny was a combination of physical and technical exercises and concluded with a mini match. This allowed them to improve some aspects of their games with regards to responsiveness, ball control, agility, passing and shooting under the close supervision of Danny himself. But most importantly, the children thoroughly enjoyed the 1.5 hour session and left the training with big smiles on their faces. 

Promising talents would benefit from a good playing surface
“From this football clinic and my 6 years of playing experience in Vietnam, I have seen much footballing talent in this country, both existing and upcoming. I believe that with high quality synthetic grass football fields from GreenFields that can remain in good condition over extended periods of time of up to 8 years easily, players will be able to perfect their skills and enjoy the game on a safe surface without the need for constant turf replacements by field owners. Using a durable product when building synthetic grass fields is important as it reduces the likelihood of injuries during sport due to reasons like prematurely worn out surfaces”, says Danny Van Bakel who has had extensive experience playing on various types of football pitches over the numerous years of his career. 

Reaching out to the community
 The main reasons for GreenFields to carry out this football clinic are to reach out to the community, create awareness for the brand in Vietnam and to inspire more children to chase their sporting dreams. Through this event, the school and the staff get to find out what the brand represents. For the students, through the interactions with Danny during the event, they are able to understand how life is like for a professional athlete and the sacrifices required to get to that level. Through this event, GreenFields aims to have the community understand the brand better and as a result forge closer ties with them. 

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