8 January 2014

Synthetic turf at Olympic level

Next year the 22nd Winter Olympics will be staged from 7 to 23 February at the Russian town of Sochi. Numerous offices and
sports facilities are springing up, as well as accommodation for sportsmen and women, supervisors, the press and various
organizations. The higher floors of a number of these office buildings overlook the flat green roof of the IOC head office.
Initially it was decked in natural grass. ‘However, the landscape architect came to the conclusion that preserving the beautiful
green of natural grass would be very expensive and practically impossible,’ says Emiel Arts (Landscape Solutions). An eyecatcher
of this kind must look perfect. The Russian distributor of Royal Grass R came up with an alternative: synthetic turf.
The choice fell on Royal Grass® Silk 35: soft V-shaped synthetic turf, 35mm high and with a natural colour of summer green.
The V-shape, which is characteristic of ‘real’ blades of grass, ensures sturdiness, which means these fibres remain upright
longer than other types. Recovery capacity is also retained longer. The installation was carried out quickly and competently. ‘So
our partners can also make a difference!’
The synthetic turf field measures 2800 m2– a large surface area for a landscape application. ‘Unlike those in the sports sector,
the projects in this market are much smaller, varying from 40m2 for a garden to a unique project of this kind. It serves as a good
reference for Royal Grass R in the project market.’
Landscape Solutions has an exclusive delivery agreement with TeCate for this V-shaped synthetic turf fiber. The backing and
curly yarns for the roof field in Sochi also come from TenCate Grass. So powered by TenCate! Emiel Arts: ‘This gives extra
reliability and authenticity. It is a safe sustainable field that is almost completely recyclable.’

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