TenCate EcoCept™-performance sports base


Porous pavement construction base

TenCate Ecocept™ is an innovative new type of porous pavement specifically developed for synthetic turf sports playing surfaces created by TenCate Grass. It integrates seamlessly with synthetic turf products enhancing biomechanical properties. TenCate Ecocept™ offers load bearing capacity to reduce or eliminate the need for a conventional thick layer of crushed stone. The TenCate Ecocept™ performance layer has capillary action, which means that it has superior lateral drainage capabilities so that costly trenched drainage below the field is not always required on installations, saving time and money. Water management options for field cooling, field irrigation, water collection and water recycling are available.

•    Made from recycled end-of-life synthetic turf systems, waste plastics and recycled SBR rubber;
•    Saves roughly 140 tons of materials from landfill for each full-size field;
•    Reduces the need to excavate and remove local soils and likewise the need to backfill with crushed stone;
•    Saves up to 300 truckloads and 190 tons of associated carbon emissions per field.

•    Reduced risk of injury to players;
•    Environmental sustainability;
•    A simpler and faster construction process by combining several functions in one layer;
•    Structural stability while the field base is fully bound and stabilized;
•    Superior drainage performance;
•    Lower field temperatures via irrigation technology;
•    Stable footing due to a seamless paved surface;
•    Consistent shock absorbency across the field and over time;
•    Water collection and recycling option;
•    Multiple sport performances from a single turf and pad system.
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