Turf Blades

The turf blades are an important component of the synthetic turf pitch, they provide look and feel and are mainly responsible for the performance characteristics like ball roll and sliding friendliness. The quality of turf blades is therefore essential for the pitch. Technical details such as microns, dtex, shape, color or polymer grade do not in themselves determine the overall quality of the turf blades. The ability to design optimal turf blades in combination with matching advanced extrusion technology is what determines the quality of the turf blades.

TenCate has a balanced product portfolio of turf blades specially developed for various sports and landscaping applications. TenCate developed two types of turf blades: monofilaments and fibrillated tape.

The TenCate monofilament products are branded as TenCate Monoslide™. Monofilament turf blades are extruded through a spinneret. The die hole of the spinneret determines the cross section of the blade. The design of the turf blade plays an important role in the performance characteristics of the synthetic turf pitch.


Fibrillated Tape
The TenCate fibrillated tape products are branded as TenCate Tapeslide™. Fibrillated tape products are produced by foil extrusion. The foil is slit into tape and the tape is fibrillated with a specific pattern. The fibrillation provides a natural look and feel with individual turf blades after installation in a synthetic turf pitch.

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