A world of difference

A world of difference

The difference

People make the difference within TenCate. In all layers of the organization. Each working day each of these individuals has to feel that ambition and to realize this. With only one goal: Protecting people by means of Materials that make a difference.

Our promises

The TenCate organization makes the following promises:

  • Our customers are key
  • We produce in a responsible way responsible products
  • We stand for good business practices
  • We are constantly working on being a good employer
  • We do business responsibly
  • We are socially responsible
  • We make the ecological footprint of our organization, processes and products more and more visible and measurable

The 10Cate

The way the TenCate organization wants to work is enshrined in the 10Cate, ten core values. Management and employees of TenCate are:

  1. Effective - doing the right things
  2. Efficient - doing things right
  3. Creative - thinking more flexibly
  4. Flexible - acting more flexibly
  5. Enterprising - recognizing and maximizing opportunities
  6. Innovative - breaking new ground at the cutting edge of technology
  7. Reliable - saying what you do and doing what you say
  8. Committed - dedicated, dependable and proud
  9. A team - we collaborate as individuals and also as teams
  10. The difference to our clients - Protecting people with Materials that make a difference.
Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)