Protecting people

TenCate focuses on the internationally growing need for protection of people and their working and living environment.

Global trends

The company selects market areas mainly on the basis of global trends, specifically in the safety and protection, sustainability and environmental areas.


Ten Cate strives for a balanced portfolio of product-market-technology combinations for long-term returns and continuity.


The strategy of TenCate is characterized by:

  • market leadership 
  • value chain management  
  • cost leadership, in combination with:  
  • product differentiation, focusing on specific applications and customer requirements 
  • end-user marketing and an industrial brand policy  
  • technological innovation, being breakthrough or sustaining 
  • a focus on markets for specified materials 
  • growth (buy & build) 
  • a balanced portfolio and the scaling down of non-core activities (fix-it / exit)

Technology driven

A characteristic feature of TenCate is that textile technology – the core technology – is combined with an in-depth knowledge of related chemical and other basic processes. TenCate is a technologically oriented company, which means that it occupies leading positions in the field of technology and R&D.

Performance materials

The functional characteristics of the TenCate materials relate primarily to the areas of safety and protection, sustainability and the environment, and improvement of the performance of the materials in the broad sense, being part of integrated solutions. 

Value chain position

TenCate concentrates on product-market-technology combinations which offer substantial growth potential. TenCate sees this as its core business. The buy & build strategy was developed for this purpose. This consists of a strengthening of existing activities and the acquisition of businesses offering technological, market and /or product synergies. The company also looks for growth potential and possible ways of strengthening its position in the value chain. TenCate’s focus is on expanding the core activities which offer growth potential.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)