Development progress

DIGITEX 2006-2010

Digital printing

Breakthrough innovations in digital printing will support the realization of new functionalities and qualities for (technical) textile materials, enabling the production of a complete new generation of smart textiles. These functionalities and qualities could not be produced in the existing, traditional way. The new functionalities developed for digital printing present features for antibacterial treatments, single sided hydrophobic functions, controlled release systems and special chromic functionalities.

Sustainable production

The Digitex project also developed new solutions for more sustainable processes and augmented environmental care, like digital dyeing. In the direction of the reliability of production processes, the Digitex project developed new solutions, like substrate instability and deformation monitoring, substrate intake quality monitoring and print head monitoring.

Digitex conference

The results of the Digitex project were presented during the Digitex conference and shown in an industrial environment thanks to a demonstration event hosted by Reggiani Macchine near Bergamo. More than 130 people from Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany and Lithuania participated in the Digitex conference, mainly R&D managers from the textiles industries, product developers from the chemical auxiliaries industry and representatives from technical universities and research centres. All are interested in the future of textile technology.

The Digitex conference in Bergamo, Italy, was organized by the Digitex consortium in collaboration with Confindustria Bergamo on Thursday 2 and Friday 3 December 2010.

Single Sided Hydrophobic

FOTF Background