Development progress

Smart Factories

The recently formed consortium ‘Northern Netherlands: Region of Smart Factories’ focuses on the development and implementation of methods and techniques for zero defect manufacturing, first time right product and process design and automated production. We believe that the ‘Smart Factory’ is the quickest way to ensure double digit cost reduction and a breakthrough in productivity growth. It will also make the ultimate customer orientated business operation possible. 

The Consortium

In the Northern part of the Netherlands, the ingredients for exploring Smart Factories are widely available:

  • Deep knowledge about Big Data (originating from astronomy sciences at ASTRON en SRON).
  • World-class expertise on the performance of materials in product and production processes (University of Groningen and University of Twente).
  • Sensor technology and mechatronics as key assets of the high-tech ecostructure in the region, with many participating SME’s.
  • A solid track record in exploring innovative concepts in field labs.
  • Large ‘benchmark’ manufacturing companies: Fokker Aerostructures (lightweight structures for aerospace and leading in composite innovations), Philips (consumer products, recently mentioned in the New York Times as one of the most advanced manufacturing plants in the world) and TenCate (leading in advanced functional materials for the protection of people in their working and living environment). 

These ingredients have been brought together in our new consortium. As a result of this, the Northern Netherlands intends to become a leading player in the new era of Smart Factories in order:

  • To support local industry in becoming smart
  • To launch SME’s in selling ‘Smart Factory-technologies’
  • To host new industries which can profit from a Smart Factory oriented ecostructure in the region
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