9 December 2014

Digital inkjet technologies in next development phase

Digital finishing is the key technological innovation of this century for the textile industry. The drop-on-demand and continuous-flow techniques enable several substrates to be digitally finished, using fluids such as inks and coatings.

The first development phase has been completed: TenCate can now print digitally with the right production speeds using two digital techniques. The next phase involves digital finishing, a part of The Factory of the Future development programme. Each of these is a step in a flow of many innovations that will follow. The technology roadmaps of TenCate point the way to the future.

The sustainable objectives of TenCate relating to digital printing and finishing are: to reduce energy consumption to 60 per cent, to decrease water consumption to no less than 80 per cent and 100 per cent respectively with UV printing, and the use of inks and chemicals to as much as 90 per cent.

In addition, the quality objective of TenCate is 100 per cent First Time Right. In this way TenCate can cut back overall production costs considerably. Above all, the market-focused aim of TenCate is to change the characteristics of the advanced TenCate materials by digitally applying new functionalities, such as a self-cleaning capability, super hydrophobic et cetera. In this way, functional materials make an essential contribution to a safer and healthier world through their positive impact on both economic development and sustainability.

Download: Speech De Vries regarding opening The Factory of the Future programme
Download: Presentation TenCate regarding digital printing and finishing

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