2 October 2014

TenCate Outdoor Fabrics presents innovations at Kampeer en Caravan Jaarbeurs 2014

Material technology group TenCate will present innovative previews of the possibilities that digital textile finishing will offer during the Kampeer en Caravan Jaarbeurs 2014 in Utrecht. At the experiences pavilion The Freedom Collections, TenCate Outdoor Fabrics will show how this revolutionary technology will give maximum freedom to the design and production of digitally finished cloth qualities for both tents and sun awnings.

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The official opening of The Factory of the Future of TenCate will be held towards the end of this year, when the innovative strength of TenCate Outdoor Fabrics for digital printing and finishing of high quality tent cloth and awnings fabric will be displayed. In anticipation of this, TenCate Outdoor Fabrics seeks to inspire manufacturers and designers in the European tent industry – and their customers, the campers – with the digital possibilities that this innovation offers.

Flexible and sustainable production
The introduction of sustainable digital inkjet technology as a form of smart production includes such advantages as the ability of TenCate Outdoor Fabrics’ industrial customers to respond more flexibly to the ever more rapidly changing design trends of designers and to individual consumer requirements. New technologies such as digital inkjet technology will enable the specifications of the customer or end-user to be read digitally into the production process. In the near future mass customization and on-demand delivery will also be possible for tent manufacturers. Moreover, in The Factory of the Future work will take place on the vision of TenCate to develop and produce new and innovative technical textiles: smart textiles. In addition to technical advantages this technology also offers considerable environmental benefits for TenCate, so that we can also speak of ‘clean production’.

The Freedom Collections
In the experiences pavilion The Freedom Collections, TenCate Outdoor Fabrics will present its vision of the camping world of tomorrow from Wednesday, 8 through Sunday, 12 October 2014. This is a preview of the ongoing development of digitally produced TenCate products for outdoor use. The first commercial applications will consist of digitally printed tent cloth and sun awnings fabric, developed and produced in The Factory of the Future.
In this way visitors to the trade show will experience the future of digital printing of outdoor textiles through a modern and informative presentation. Visitors to the Kampeer en Caravan Jaarbeurs 2014 will be challenged to test the limits of their growing freedom of design with their own images – such as prints or patterns – in the digital design competition ‘Win your own unique tent’.

The Factory of the Future The innovation centre The Factory of the Future in Nijverdal, the Netherlands, aims to tie in with technological innovations in the manufacturing industry. Production processes will become more sustainable and smarter. Communication between the parties and logistical coordination in advanced production networks – smart factories – will be made possible. These innovations aim to provide an impetus to the Dutch manufacturing industry, in order to make this more competitive, cost efficient and flexible. Smart, technologically high-grade manufacturing processes can make a significant contribution to future growth.

TenCate Outdoor Fabrics
Almelo, the Netherlands, Thursday 2 October 2014
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