Continuous inkjet

The Digital continuous inkjet textile printer OSIRIS is designed for printing and finishing of fabrics with unrivalled productivity, reliability and cost per meter, providing an excellent solution for lower cost digital textile printing and finishing, not only for short runs, but also for longer runs.


Continuous inkjet technology specifications:

  • Production speed of 18-30 m/min
  • Equivalent area coverage at 1.8m of 3.330 m2/hour
  • Up to 8 colours ( Possible up to 12 colours)
  • Fixed array configuration
  • Hot air drying unit
  • Roll to roll feed mechanism
  • Maximum printing width of 3,2 mtrs
  • Most types of substrate (very light silk to heavy weight viscose)
  • Plaiting and/or re-winding, ready for fixation
  • Ultra high throughput single pass printing
  • Industrial reliability with continuous inkjet technology
  • Easy to use software
  • Printing with process colours as well as spot colours, or any combination of the two
  • Coverage from 24 g/m2 to 33g/m2 for fashion, up to 264 g/m2 for specialty applications.
  • Full range of aqueous textile inks available: 
    - Reactive 
    - Direct disperse 
    - Acid 
    - VAT dyes to be presented shortly
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