Drop on Demand inkjet

Digital inkjet technology using Drop on Demand is an innovative process technology for applying high-grade functionalities to textile substrates. In this regard, two aspects are important. In the first place the drop size, which is now variable from 4 to 14 picoliter. This means that colors, coatings or other fluids can be applied to non-flat surfaces, such as technical textiles. Consequently unparalleled functionalities can be realized. In the second place this digital inkjet technology intends to create a revolution in the field of process technology. 


Drop on Demand inkjet technology specifications:

  • CMYK standard colors
  • Spot colors and white are available
  • High quality thanks to a resolution up to 1200 Dots Per Inch (DPI)
  • High optical density, even in single pass applications
  • Print-head with variable drop size (4 Levels)
  • Print-head configuration up to double rows
  • Performances up to 600 m2 per hour on textile substrates
  • Innovative UV ink curing system with UV Light-Emitting Diode and bulb lamp
  • Open ink system suitable for Xennia and Agfa UV-inks
  • 10 Liter tank by each color for high autonomy
  • In-line ink filtering and degassing modules
  • High stability and fixation
  • Printing width up to 1,8 meters
  • Printing registered on two sides
  • UV curing: no solvents or water
  • Fabric entry: Roll and A-frame up to D.1.6 meters
  • Printing blanket with Kevlar® technology
  • Continuous fabric gluing with Dynaplast®
  • Continuous blanket washing
  • Blanket drying with air blade
  • Magnetic adhesive application included
  • Permanent, thermoplastic and resin as blanket adhesive types
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