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Geosynthetics that make a difference

TenCate Geosynthetics designs, produces, markets and sells geosynthetic solutions for geotechnical problems in civil engineering applications in Europe, Middle East, Africa and the CIS through our famous brands: TenCate Polyfelt®, TenCate Bidim®, TenCate Geolon®, TenCate Rock®, TenCate Miragrid, TenCate GeoDetect® andTenCate Geotube®

We deliver turnkey system solutions for the road constructions, railway constructions, retaining structures, hydraulic constructions, embankments, tunnel construction, pipeline construction, landfills and shoreline protection/marine structure construction markets.  Under these system solutions, we have a vast array of high performance geosynthetics that perform functions such as separation, filtration, drainage, soil reinforcement, erosion control, sealing, stress relief, adhesive bonding, confinement, and monitoring.

The market challenges us to continue delivering the most diverse and high quality line of geosynthetics and industrial fabrics in Europe. We accept that challenge by helping our customers achieve tangible results.  This fortifies our belief in the power of geosynthetic and industrial fabric solutions.  It also strengthens our resolve to make a worldwide difference.  

A true measure of our success is to create a synergy of products and people resulting in solutions that endure the test of time. 

That is why we manufacture geosynthetics that make a difference.

Infrastructure projects

See how our products can make a difference in your infrastructure projects. Watch the video below.

Our other markets and solutions

TenCate Geosynthetics also delivers solutions for Water & Environment and Industrial Fabrics.