21 December 2015

Finnish football players vote for synthetic grass

Recently the Finnish Football Union published the results of the yearly survey of the quality of the football fields in Finland. Football players, coaches and referees have been asked to share their opinions by giving scores related to the field after playing a match on a scale of 1 to 5 (lowest to highest).
An important outcome of the survey is that the general score for synthetic turf fields has been slightly higher as for natural grass fields (3,96 vs. 3,94). 

The natural grass field of FC Inter in Turku has been awarded with the number 1 ranking, but it was closely followed by 2 synthetic turf fields. The Arto Tolsa Areena of FC KTP in Kotka was ranked second with a score of 4,53, and the Sonera Stadion of HJK in Helsinki was ranked number 3 with a score of 4,24. Both stadiums opted for the Drop system of Saltex Oy. The Drop system of Saltex has been developed, manufactured and installed by Saltex Oy, in close relation with TenCate Grass. One of the key elements of this system is the exclusive Drop (Komma) blade, for which the TenCate MonoSlide XQ technology has been used. Also the high end wharp knitted primary backing has been manufactured and supplied by TenCate Grass.

Arto Tolsa Areena

artificial turf heracles - TenCate Grass