The TX-system is a synthetic turf system designed for hockey that was developed in collaboration with GreenFields and top hockey players from the Netherlands. Hockey could well be the most complete sport of all. It’s a sport that asks a lot from their practitioners. Speed, agility and power are the key foundations of the sport, it’s the combination of these elements that makes the structure so important. The TX-system is exclusively designed for the modern, fast-paced and high level hockey games.
The TX-system of TenCate meets all the requirements that are needed for the modern, fast paced hockey games, this includes:
  • A high ball roll speed;
  • Non-directional ball roll;
  • Low friction properties; in dry as well as wet circumstances;
  • Sliding friendly thanks to the usage of TenCate Monoslide™ LSR® fibres;
  • Perfect and well balanced grip (torsion);
  • A damped rebound that will keep the ball low and will result into a perfect control of the ball;
  • Maximized shock absorption; therefore the system will protect the back, knees and other joints which will reduce the risk of an injury;
  • The strong and flexible turf blades will ensure that the hockey stick can be fully placed under the ball.
Rabobank Men & Women Hockey World Cup
The Royal Dutch Hockey Bond (KNHB) will organize the Men’s & Women’s Hockey World Cup 2014. The World Cup will be held in June 2014 with 24 teams (men and women) of 5 continents from 15 different countries. A total of 76 games will be played during this tournament. TenCate as KNHB partner and its subsidiary Greenfields, are the official suppliers of the synthetic turf pitches for these world championships.  In cooperation with the KNHB, TenCate and Greenfields research was carried during the past few months into the synthetic turf system that meets the wishes and expectations of everyone. A test pitch from subsidiary Greenfields has recently been installed at HC Klein Switzerland. Based on the experiences of the hockey players the TX-system was then perfected on user-level so that system would meet all requirements. After these adjustments were made, the organization of the World Cup called the TX-system ‘the best synthetic turf field for Hockey in the world’.