XtraGrass™ is a system that reinforces natural grass turf with synthetic turf fibres to give a winning formula of the natural grass playability and a surface that is much more resistant to wear and tear. Developed and refined over the last 10 years, XtraGrass™ is a unique and patented turf reinforcement system which provides the flexibility to adapt to the unique differences that exist at various locations. It is the perfect solution for clubs that find it difficult to maintain a natural grass pitch but do not want, or are not permitted, to play on a 100% synthetic turf pitch.    

XtraGrass™ is a network of synthetic turf fibres woven into a strong backing material and laid directly on a standard pitch base. XtraGrass™ is carefully infilled with a special rootzone mix and sown with grass seeds. Within days, the grass seeds germinate and grow between the synthetic fibres and through the backing. This creates an incredibly strong natural grass surface which is more resistant to wear and tear.  As the grass grows, the backing material partially biodegrades, leaving more room for the roots to grow through, while still retaining a strong support structure for the grass. The synthetic fibres take some of the pressure of wear and tear off the natural grass shoots, allowing much greater usage than would be possible with a standard natural grass surface. Divots become a distant memory as the XtraGrass™ structure continues to hold the turf in place.   

The XtraGrass™ system can be easily installed on site, requiring only standard pitch installation equipment and utilising a high proportion of local labour. It typically takes the same length of time to install as a standard grass pitch.  However, for those clubs in a hurry, XtraGrass™ is also grown offsite and can be play upon within days of installation. This has enormous advantages for clubs who need to partially or completely re-turf their pitch mid season.  

Key features of the XtraGrass™ system are:

  • 100% recyclable;
  • Stabilizes the top surface;
  • Eliminates the divots;
  • Enhances evenness of the surface;
  • Protects the grass from damages;
  • The green TenCate synthetic turf fibres account for the natural green appearance;
  • Open structure of soil profile avoids excess compaction and associated reduced growth;
  • Open structure of the XtraGrass™ backing ensures unrestricted drainage and water retention in the field;
  • Proven protection of the grass’ stoloniferous system, increasing the regeneration after damage due to wear and tear;
  • Increased capacity/hours of use;
  • Installation requires no specific tools for installation and maintenance other than ordinary grass field maintenance equipment;
  • Installation based on local available construction materials;
  • Possibility to grow as turf/sods.