Weaving Technology

The weaving technology of TenCate allows a number of synthetic turf fibres to be combined and positioned randomly in the top layer. This patented 3D synthetic turf clumps technology from TenCate ensures that the synthetic turf fibres remain even more firmly upright, increasing ball speed and resulting in optimal ball characteristics and playing performance.     

The current woven synthetic turf pitches will be used for soccer applications. The weaving production process makes it possible to jointly use materials from the same product family (polypropylene and polyethylene). This means that it is possible for multiple key characteristics to support the system, for instance, the product is 100% fully recyclable and meets FIFA standards because of the freedom in design and use of materials. Also, players can get their feet under the ball more easily on this pitch thanks to the new woven construction.   

Unlike traditional tuft technology, this new weaving technology makes it possible to weave the yarns into each structure and with varying distances into the pitch, thus preventing the formation of stripes. This will give the pitch a more natural appearance but will also enhance the ball behaviour.  

The new matrix weaving pattern has also a positive effect on the rotational resistance of the player’s feet. Another advantage of this weaving technology is that the fibers show better bonding, because the fibers in the matrix weaving construction are interwoven into the top layer. Our weaving technology makes it easier to exclusively use raw materials of the same material type, so that the entire field can be recycled cost effectively.   

The key features of the woven synthetic turf system are:

  • 100% recyclable; 
  • Natural appearance; 
  • The woven construction reduces the amount of infill splash; 
  • Reduced infill compaction due to the woven matrix pattern; 
  • No pile direction and therefore equal ball roll in all directions; 
  • Ball speed and thus the speed of the game are significantly higher, resulting in optimal ball and playing characteristics; 
  • Synthetic turf fibres remain even more firmly upright; 
  • Players can get their feet under the ball more easily; 
  • Reduced glare due to dispersed light reflection; 
  • Patented 3D synthetic turf clumps technology improves the tuft binding; 
  • The high density and combination of the synthetic turf fibres enhances the resilience of the field. 
Weaving technology - TenCate Grass