Technology & Innovation

TenCate Grass is the global leader in synthetic turf components. TenCate offers progressive solutions for synthetic turf systems. The TenCate turf components are engineered with advanced application knowledge to meet the demanding performance standards of today's synthetic sport and landscape turf systems.  
With decades of experience in developing synthetic turf components the global research and development (R&D) department of TenCate Grass is constantly improving the products.  
The R&D department has a wide variety of utilities available, form lab extruders to field testing machinery. This enables TenCate Grass not only to develop and test new and innovative components, but also test and monitor their performance in different synthetic turf systems.  


The performance of a synthetic turf pitch is mostly determined by its playing characteristics and durability. The choice of components for a specific application is all about balancing the needs of the end-user. For a typical community field or 5-a-side field, durability is more important than the playing characteristics. However, a premier league football club will go for optimal playing characteristics.  

By incorporating innovative extrusion technology and materials TenCate strives to supply components that can offer optimal playing characteristics and endless durability. The performance of a synthetic turf pitch not only depends on the system components solely, but also on their interactions. Also the base construction, installation and maintenance of the pitch all play key roles in the performance of the pitch, short and long term. 

Developments in Extrusion Technology 

TenCate has developed a new extrusion technology that achieves both excellent durability and great playing characteristics. The company has developed unique processes for producing monofilament and tape yarns with extreme resistance to splitting, and the improved resilience needed to secure long-term performance.

TenCate Grass - Technology & Innovation